Why Charisma?

” My true north is ‘Only Ever Empowered Women.’ Everything I do in my life is toward this vision. I coach and train women everyday, and often, the conditioned beliefs that they’ve carried since childhood serve as barriers to their living full and liberated lives. I birthed Charisma to support girls’ journey toward women’s empowerment earlier in life, to ensure that the values and beliefs they develop are ones that fortify their identities as women, particularly for Black Womxn and Womxn of Color.”

Charisma is an 11 year old 6th grader who hits the books as hard as she hits the puck! Already one to watch on the hockey field, Charisma knows what it is to be the “only” on a team of players. Her favorite color is yellow; her favorite food is ramen; her favorite subject is history; her favorite dessert is cupcakes; her favorite snack is hot chips, and her favorite game is twister.

From issues related to mindfulness and “enoughness,” to social identities and how they impact our presence in the world, Charisma Speaks invites readers to consider how to get present to themselves and the impact that has on relationships, community, and their surroundings.