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Reesheda is an Artist for the Life & Times we so Deeply Desire!

“Reesheda is a courageous and compassionate business leader with an empathetic approach and a curious spirit.”

-Beth Trejo, CEO of Chatterkick

“Reesheda Nicole is one of a kind. She is a collaborator, builder and an innovator with an abundance of gifts that she creatively puts in the service of building community to organize around justice and liberation for the common good of all.”

-Jia Johnson, Founder and CEO of Freedom Dream 

“Reesheda is a constant source of joy, creativity, curiosity & invitation. Her ability to kick your ass while making you feel deeply seen & cared for is incredible. Her thought leadership & creativity are desperately needed at this point in history!”

-Emily White Hodge, Owner of White Hodge HR

“Reesheda Nicole is a visionary leader who serves as a light and inspiration to all those around her. She is a leaders leader and her candor, thoughtfulness, experience and unyielding commitment to excellence helps to propel others to new heights.”

-Elizabeth Jamison Dunn, Principal, Catalyst Circle Rock

“Reesheda Nicole is an inspiring thought-leader committed to empowering others, particularly women of color through her liberating work. As an author, speaker, artist, coach, and consultant, she possesses a unique ability to foster curiosity, creativity, and cultural agility, resulting in proven transformations for both individuals and corporations. If you’re looking to close the gap between aspirations and measured outcomes, then look no further than Reesheda Nicole.”

-Nathalie Nelson Parker, CEO, Civitas Consulting Group, Inc

“Reesheda Nicole speaks and does the truth in love. There is wisdom, faith and grace in her approach to accompaniment and life. To witness Reesheda work is to see an artist, intellectual and visionary at home in their craft.”

-John DeCostanza, Vice President, Mission and Ministry, Dominican University

A Lover, a Connector, and a Co-Conspirator who mines and leaves it all on the field of creation.

Reesheda Graham Washington (@reeshedanicole) is a Social Engineer. Designing, Building, Curating, and Cultivating Opportunities for Human Imagination, Discovery, and Creation, @reeshedanicole models, writes, teaches, keynotes, facilitates, emcees, coaches, and consults for and with individuals, organizations, and businesses to catalyze inspired and shared experiences of growth, development, and transformation.

A serial entrepreneur, Reesheda has successfully operated multiple businesses simultaneously for the last five years. Leveraging her gifts in education and the arts and intersecting those talents with her expertise in leadership and organizational development, DEIB, and “anthropological intuition,” Reesheda sauces it all with a bit of levity and galvanizes individuals and organizations to realize their greater selves.

Currently serving as Co-CEO of  The Blackberry Collection and Sweet Rest, Reesheda has a heart for human development and believes that the foundation for inspiring human improvement is by way of empowering Black women, people of color, and other historically, intentionally, and traditionally marginalized people groups (HITMPGs).  

Whether it is by way of modeling, acting, coaching, teaching, emceeing/paneling, facilitating, keynoting/public speaking, consulting, or strategic experience designing, look to @reeshedanicole to lend support to any experience or project that would benefit from vibrant curiosity, creative artistry, innovative discovery, radical inclusivity, and intentional strategy.

Sample Writing

“If it ain’t the end, it’s the middle and there are things yet to be seen…seeing it out to the end…that’s the gift!” – Reesheda Nicole

How do we hold Black excellence, and denounce the grind? How do we preserve the traditions and renounce the traumas of the Black church? How do we manage the contention between protecting our vulnerable Black Woman bodies and celebrate the naked freedom of our sexuality unapologetically? How do we honor Black men in a way that they understand and receive, while still holding the line on the toxic masculinity that they sometimes unknowingly offer us out of a broken and disjointed love? This is what Beyonce invites us into, and holding all of this at once, well, that is a lot to hold and it is wrapped in a discord that our homogenous, monochromatic conditioning will rail against, even if we want to be fully enveloped in it.

Excerpt from, “Reflections on ‘Black is King’” by Beyoncé 


My grandmother wore many hats. She also literally made them for others to wear. Here is a picture of a slew of Dope Black Women wearing the many hats she made and gave away. The ones she wore were nothing like the ones she gave away. She wore hats she liked. She made hats other people liked. She knew how to remove herself from the center long enough to honor the heads and hearts of others. Might we be so lucky. ~Selah.

Excerpt from, “I Think I Miss My Grandmother”


This week, I continue to revel in what a few of you worked together to help me to create language for last Saturday. A member of our group talked about how we as Womxn of Color sometimes show up “small” as a form of self-sabotage. She recalled her mom telling her as a child that she (her mom) didn’t give her a lot of compliments for fear of her “getting the big head.” Aaaahhhh!!! We often internalize this kind of messaging, especially from people we care about. Then we go into spaces with other women, all ready to be the “BIG HEAD POLICE!” We are sure to point out each others’ flaws and mistakes while neglecting to share the “BIG UPS” and “SHOUT OUTS!” Ugh! We shun each other, citing a “think she bedda than us” spirit on the womxn who were destined to be our homegirls, shy of the evil fate of self sabotage! “She got the big head! I ain’t foolin’ wit her!”

But, WAIT…

Excerpt from, “Closer Than They Appear”


(Charisma is in bed. The sun is shining in the window, representing opportunity. In the first image, we see her waking up pleasantly, gradually, even with a bit of a pleasant smile on her face. The next thing we see is Charisma sitting straight up in bed, almost knocking the bedside table lamp onto the floor. Her Hair is peeking halfway out of her satin bonnet now and her elusive satin bonnet is cocked to the side, due to her abrupt manner of sitting up in bed!)

Charisma exclaims, “Holy Moly Roly Poly!! I get to meet my audience today!! I mean, I get to, right?!?!” Well, if this is supposed to be a good thing, then do tell me (she turns to the Black Goldfish in the fishbowl on her dresser and exclaims), “Why am I FREAKING OUT?!?!”

(In the next frame the Black Goldfish in the bowl is embodying the shrugging shoulders emoji with his fins).

Charisma says to the fish, “Aaaaawwww, Abraham!!! You are NO HELP! There is no time to sort you out right now. I need to figure out how I am going to make sure that these folks really get to meet THE REAL ME!!

(Charisma throws the covers back on her bed and springs up like a rocket, dashing to her closet.)

“Now, what in here says, I’m Charisma and I am living my very best life?!?!”


“Many of us are now asking: how do we move forward through a pandemic? Everything is different now—how we move, how we talk to each other, how we love. Now is the perfect time to have conversations about being intentional. Orbert Davis will join West Side community leaders, Vanessa Stokes and Reesheda Graham Washington.”

“Marx and her husband came a step closer to purchasing their own property to both live in and operate the home daycare business after Kisakidcare was selected as one of two recipients of a $5,000 grant created by Reesheda Graham Washington, the owner of Live Cafe and RGW Consulting.”

“Our souls are damaged by this offense,” said Graham-Washington told the masked crowd. “This damage, this harm – it sits in the seat alongside 401 years of trauma.”

“A sought-after speaker, she travels across the United States and around the world, focusing her efforts on initiatives that touch on subjects of equity, appropriation, contemplative mindfulness, peacemaking and reconciliatory practices.”

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